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The Nigloland website (hereinafter the Website), accessible with the email address www.nigloland.fr, belongs to the SARL GELIS FRERES that is located in Dolancourt in France, hereinafter Nigloland, LLC with a capital of 8000 euro, registered at the Commercial and Companies Register of TROYES under the number B 321 111 783.

Nigloland, being the editor of the present website, can be contacted at the following address and telephone number:
Responsible for the publication: Christelle Pioche
Telephone number : +33 3 25 27 94 52
Address : D619 -10200 DOLANCOURT
Email address : communication@nigloland.fr

The present general terms and conditions and the data protection charter are due to assure a better protection of the Website and respect the rights of each individual, including private life and intellectual property.

Terms of use of the site

The site is dedicated to internet users who are interested by fun parks and Nigloland in particular, may they be clients of Nigloland or not, and by the themes dealt with on the website.

The Site is also a window through which Nigloland will promote its offers.

Access to this site and use of its contents are subject to the terms stated below. Use of this Site constitutes the agreement of any users to be bound by and to act in accordance with the following stipulations.

The Company informs users to the Site that these terms and conditions may be modified at any time. Any such modifications will be posted on this Site and any user who accesses the site after their publication on line shall be deemed to have accepted them.

Intellectual Property

Any content, including, but not limited to, any logo, mark, and any photo on the Site are protected under intellectual property rights, or any other legal provision enforceable under the circumstances. The Company owns all pertaining rights to the exclusion of content expressly attributed to others.

Any reproduction, distribution, adaptation of logos, trademarks and other content on the Site which property is attributed to the Company is prohibited without permission of the Company both for commercial and non-commercial use.

The Company respects the intellectual property rights of third parties, and any legal provisions in force for the protection of third party interests. The Company shall make all the arrangements to the tune of means at its disposal to ensure that the Site shall not affect the protected rights.

Nevertheless, if you think the Site adversely affect any of your protected rights; the Company could proceed with the deletion of the content concerned, by its publication manager, after receiving the written notification of the copyright owner duly proven at the above mentioned coordinates.

Links towards other Sites

The site contains links towards the blog of the fun park, the pirate hotel site and the on line ticket booth. Clicking on one of these links will automatically guide the user of the Site towards these sites that are submitted to terms of use of their own, and not the present ones.

The Site may contain links to other websites. The Company has no control over these other sites, and cannot monitor or verify its contents. It is therefore up to you to take note of the commitments made by each blog / web site that you visit. In particular, we do not control third party sites on the collection and treatment of personal data or their commitment on privacy, even though these sites have a link with the Nigloland blog. It is therefore up to you to take note of the commitments of Nigloland for privacy, but also the commitments of any blog or site linked to the Site, and make sure to use only sites that you agree with on the content and usage rules.


Nigloland carries out a regular update of its content and devices installed on the Site to allow access and use of the Website under the best conditions for the User.

However, Nigloland cannot guarantee the timeliness, completeness, accuracy, and integrality of the content on the Site. Nigloland recommends the User to verify the contents, notably through contact data, prior to use. Anyway Nigloland declines any liability on the use of content that may be done by the user, this responsibility being limited to the provisions at the named "Intellectual Property" article.

The user is in this context fully aware that the content on the Site is indicative.

In addition, Nigloland reserves the right to change the Site at any time, and cannot guarantee the User access to the entire Site at any time without interruption, timely, safely and without error.

It is clarified that the changes may relate to the nature or extent of services available. Nigloland invites the user to verify the contents from Publication manager teams at the email mentioned hereabove.

It is specified that Nigloland cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage resulting from the actions of user or of third parties or for technical unfair use of the information published on the Site. Nigloland ensures however to engage the means at its disposal to fight such action, being limited by the constraints and technical characteristics inherent to the Internet.

Nigloland ne peut être tenue responsable d'un quelconque dommage subi compte tenu notamment de la qualité du réseau Internet et/ou des configurations techniques.

Privacy protection charter

The purpose of this chart is to inform the User of the Site about the data that is likely to be collected and about the way it will be used. It also informs the user about his rights on the personal data referring to him.

The policy of privacy respect includes the respect of the confidentiality of the personal data collected by all the modules that require entering personal data.

The communication of personal data is not a condition of access to the Site or any of its parts. Moreover, no personal information is collected without your knowledge, especially during your navigation on the Site.

The data we collect is the result of our will to participate to the Site and to the Blog, especially concerning the User's participation, that requires form details. It is specified that the data mentioned in the latter will be treated only after your consent, expressed during the validation of the forms.

These forms in place on the Site and/or blog and that require the deliberated personal data capture include:

The data implying Users mentioned within the framework of the forms mentioned here above will only be used for communication purposes, external as previously specified, and thus will be transferred to Nigloland by the intermediary of the publication manager, and to Vanksen who is in charge of the development of the Site, excluding any other person.

Nigloland engages not to use the data collected for commercial solicitation purposes, and to conserve them for the only purpose of assuring an efficient communication within the framework of the site's and the blog's functioning and according to the User's wishes.

The personal data that may have been collected by the forms is also used by the companies mentioned here above for strictly technical purposes and to assure the good management of the Site and the Blog, the good functioning of the modules, and enable necessary communication with users who have required the post of their commentary on the blog.

Respecting the current legislation, and the law in particular, any User who communicates his personal data within one of the forms mentioned here above benefits from:

These rights can be put into practice on simple written demand sent by email to the following address communication@nigloland.fr or by written mail to Nigloland at the contact details specified previously in the present document.

The Company carries out all the measures necessary to protect the participants' personal data against theft and unauthorized access.

The Company also takes in charge the security process concerning data delivered to children under 18.

Within our forms, users under 18 can be asked to mention personal data. Please note that it is not our intention to address spontaneously emails to children under 18 that is without them having solicited an intervention from us.

Failing the possibility to verify if the users using our forms are over 18, the Company invites all parents/ tutors to contact the publication manager to ask for the suppression of the data of the children they are responsible for.

Use of cookies

Like many other Internet sites, we may use cookies to collect and save information regarding the use of the Site. Cookies are designed to help us recognize you as a previous user of the Site to offer the most adapted service and customized for your profile, and thereby increase your pleasure of visiting the Site again.

The cookies we use cannot extract personal information enabling to identify you from your hard drive otherwise than in the form of cookies, and cannot transmit computer viruses. Cookies allow us, for example, to customize home pages by saving the preferences you can choose during a previous visit to our Site. They can secure your password, identifying the topics of Site you have visited or even track your preferences. Our cookies may collect a domain name and track your journey through our web pages.

We use cookies only to gather the information mentioned in the Charter and in no way personal information or names used to identify you without your consent.

To measure your interest in the different sections of our Site, we reserve the right to proceed with the analysis of the behavior of the users of the Site. All information will be collected on this occasion will be used for the sole purpose of improving its content, enhance the pleasure for users to browse the Site, and to customize the content and / or page layout.

You can intervene at the level of cookies. By changing your browser, you can accept all cookies, to be notified when activating a cookie, or to reject all cookies. However, it is likely then that you will have trouble navigating through the Site.